SCANMAX:  The Software Solution for Warehouse and Production

It happens all the time…

You call down to the production floor to request a status update on a product as well as some older files from one of your production managers. After about 10 minutes with no status update or files on your desk, you decide to walk to the production floor to see for yourself. You find the production manager searching through binders and old notebooks. You are told that both items will be on your desk in the next 10 minutes. By now your production manager has been away from his core duties for close to 30 minutes. When the production manager finally arrives to your office it’s to share the bad news that those specific older files were put into storage weeks ago. Then the production manager resumes his mission to put together the status update from various departments.

Does this sound familiar? Are paper records and inefficiency limiting your organization’s capabilities?

Let ScanMax become your feature-rich digital solution for all production and warehouse operations:

  • Enter your Data once and its stored securely and always available to you
  • Access any information within seconds
  • End the need for spreadsheet production schedules
  • Control all aspects of production from your mobile phone, tablet, and computer
  • Always be in the know – keep tabs on production lines
  • Built-in FIFO lot control uses up old inventory first
  • Generate all labels on the fly
  • Assign bin locations on the fly
  • Complete cycle counts of inventory on the fly – no need to shut down
  • Invoice your customers immediately after production is completed and shipped
  • Schedule production with full access to material availability, material orders, and shipping/receiving schedules
  • Save valuable labor hours per annum
  • And much more…contact us for more information or demo!
Warehouse Solutions
Manage your warehouse operations from bins to ship with efficiency and accuracy
Manufacturing Solutions
Take your paper controlled operations and convert them to a rich paper-less and efficient process from the BOM to ship.

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